Welcome to Century Tree Cider!

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Hello there!  We want to welcome you to Century Tree Cider Co.  We can’t wait to share some cider with you!  As we get up and running, we want to introduce ourselves and let you know what Century Tree Cider is all about.  Today in our first blog post we thought we would answer some commonly asked questions about us and cider in general!



What Is Cider?

Cider is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting apple juice.  Believe it or not cider used to be the most popular drink in America before Prohibition and is still one of the most popular drinks in Great Britain.  Cider is making a major comeback in the United States, and we are excited to play a role.  Cider is a unique drink that is sophisticated and fun at the same time.  It is fermented like wine, but cider makers like us continue to push the boundaries, adding hops and other flavors to continue to create new and exciting beverages.  As cider grows, the ability to use different apple varieties will grow as well, adding another factor into the flavor profiles of different cider.  We can’t wait to make lots of different ciders for you to try.

How Did We Start Making Cider?

We always had a fascination with cider ever since one of our friends introduced us to it in college.  He has Celiac disease which means he cannot consume gluten.  Since cider is gluten-free, it was the perfect choice for him.  Fast forward a couple years and Peter got a cidermaking kit as a Christmas gift.  From there we began making small batches of cider in our home, getting better and better every time.  Soon we began sharing with our friends who always wanted more.  We cannot keep up with their demand!  When we moved to Memphis, we were saddened to see the lack of craft cider options in the Southeast.  With family and friends encouraging us, we decided to start a cidery and thus Century Tree Cider Co. was born.

Where Did The Name Century Tree Cider Come From?

As we mentioned above, the United States used to drink lots of cider.  And lots of cider meant lots of cider apples.  You didn’t think Johnny Appleseed was planting those apples to eat, did you?  Nope, he was planting those trees to make alcohol.  Cider apples aren’t great to eat because they are acidic and have lots of tannins.  During prohibition, there was no reason to grow cider apples.  So, tragically, almost all were cut down to make way for the dessert apples we eat today.  Thus, the old cider apple trees still around are over one hundred years old.  The name is also a small homage to Texas A&M University.  If you’re an Aggie, you’ll get it.

What Makes Us Different From Large Commercial Cideries?

Large commercial cider producers such as Angry Orchard and Woodchuck make some great cider, but they also use a lot of concentrate and sugar.  We use 100% fresh pressed apple juice.  Our juice was an apple only a few days before arriving at our doors.  We also make mostly dry cider.  This means that we let our cider ferment all the sugars to complete dryness.  We occasionally add honey or other fresh juices to add a touch of sweetness.  It won’t be as sweet as other ciders, but trust us, it will be better.

What Is An “Urban Cidery”?

The phrase urban cidery is used to describe a cidery that is located in a more urban setting and does not have its own orchard.  We are fermentation experts, and although apples are at the core of everything we do, we are not orchard experts.  We decided to focus our efforts on what we are great at and partner with some outstanding orchardists.  Many of these partners have been growing and pressing apples for almost a hundred years.   We are excited to bring an urban cidery to Memphis!

Why Memphis?

We are from Texas, but when Peter finished medical school Meredith and Peter moved to Memphis for residency. It was during their first year in Memphis they realized it was the perfect city to start a cidery.  This city has a history of giving people a chance to start something new, and we could feel that.  The Memphis vibe has us hooked.  It’s is a big town with a small-town feel.  As a startup we have taken the grit and grind mentality head on.  The support and generosity of so many Memphians has blown us away.  We cannot wait to plant our roots and grow with this city.

What Do We Want People To Know?

For us, Century Tree Cider Co. is more than a business, it’s a passion project.  Our mission is “to push the boundaries of cider through scientific method, innovative flavors, and quality ingredients, while inspiring our community and curiosity one sip at a time”. We want to create cider that excites you and makes you want to come back for more. Our slogan is “curious to the core" and that’s because we will constantly be experimenting with new ciders. We want to hear what you have to say and make you part of our team. We are excited to work together with the community to make our taproom a vibrant place for Memphians to enjoy.

We look forward to drinking a cider with you soon! Stay curious!